Citation For Distinguished Service to the Institute

Prof. Devdas Menon (1980-BTCE / 1995-PHCE) receives the Distinguished Service to the Institute Award for his contributions to the legacy and future of IIT Madras.

Apart from being a very popular and likeable faculty member, Prof. Devdas Menon has been instrumental in changing the outlook of the student population at large. His lectures on finding meaning and fulfillment in life have been very popular with students as well as alumni and transformed the ways in which students look at their education and career paths. These lectures are available on You Tube and have attracted the attention of non IIT viewers as well. He has also authored a book "Stop Sleepwalking through Life", apart from various books in his engineering discipline.

Prof.Devdas Menon has also designed and teaches a new course on 'Self-Awareness' from Jan-May 2012 semester. This course was approved by the Senate of IIT Madras, and it has been well received by students. Prof. Devdas Menon has also worked in the biomechanics field and has invented external devices to help healing of compound fractures in wrist and tibia.

Prof.Devdas Menon has always been interested in affordable housing and the recent construction of the two storey 1981 sq.ft. demo building using GFRG panels has attracted lots of interest in mass affordable housing.

IIT Madras Alumni Association is proud to present its second Award for Distinguished Service to IIT Madras to Prof Devdas Menon for the year 2013 on this day the 17th of August 2013.